Roland Fantom-S (2003)


Fantom-S series are music workstations with a sample-based synthesizer engine, 64-voice polyphony, 7 effects processors, 320x240 display, sequencer with 16 MIDI tracks, 16 pads and 4x SRX expansion slots.

Models in the range are:
- Fantom-S with 61 semi-weighted keys
- Fantom-S88 with 88 piano-type hammer action keys

Body type
Sound engine
Sample ROM  Sampling  Audio file import  Effects  COSM  External processing  Step modulator  Matrix modulation 
MIDI tracks  Audio tracks  Patterns  RPS  Macro edit  Micro edit  Arpeggiator  Rhythm machine 
Multiple outputs  Line input  Microphone input  Digital input  Digital output 
Internal flash RAM  Flash card drive  ROM expansion  RAM expansion 
Display  Graphical interface  Keyboard  Pads  Knobs  D-Beam  Pitch/modulation lever  Control pedal 
MIDI  USB data 


Fantom-X FAQ [63 KB]

How to load sounds [114 KB]


These are sounds and music materials that you can load into your Fantom-S.

Fantom TweakBook [70 KB]

MossyZombie B3 emulator [3.1 MB]

Roland XV collection [169 KB]

Sinevibes TR-808 emulator [598 KB]

SysEx Fantom-S Fantom-X [16 KB]

Fantom-S products

Planet V
Planet V
Sound expansion with 942 samples, 64 multisampled instruments, 160 patches and 14 rhythm kits.
Fantom Tweakbook
Fantom Tweakbook
Sound design and music production techniques.
Fantom YASE
Fantom YASE
Sample conversion and management software.
Planet A
Planet A
Sound expansion with 337 original samples, 25 multisampled instruments, 30 patches.
Planet R
Planet R
Sound expansion with 524 original samples, 47 multisampled instruments, 70 patches.