Roland V-Synth GT products


V-Motions (Sinevibes)


Synths, synth basses, acid, pads, atmospheres, rhythmically-modulated and sequenced sounds, acoustic-modeled instruments, vocoder and choir sounds. Contents: 96 patches, 9 VariPhrase waveforms.


V-Lectric (Sinevibes)


Rhythm kit collection with analog, electronic, lo-fi, spectral, vocoder drum, percussion and effects. Contents: 95 VariPhrase waveforms, 320 sounds, 20 kits.

V-Synth Tweakbook

V-Synth Tweakbook (Sinevibes)


V-Synth Tweakbook is a groundbreaking sound design book for Roland V-Synth, V-Synth XT and V-Synth GT synthesizers. It is a great knowledge resource for those who want to take their sound design skills to a new level and learn how to use the sound building elements both alone and in various simple or complex combinations.