Roland Fantom-G products

Fantom-G Analogies

Fantom-G Analogies (Sinevibes)


Includes genuine analog bass, synth, lead and pad sounds. Contents: 330 original samples, 25 multisampled instruments, 42 patches.

Fantom-G Voices

Fantom-G Voices (Sinevibes)


Includes vocal, choir and vocoder sounds. Contents: 330 original samples, 30 multisampled instruments, 50 patches.

Fantom-G Tweakbook

Fantom-G Tweakbook (Sinevibes)


This book is intended for people who want to explore the greatest depths of their Fantom-G synthesizers from Roland. It is a truly immense knowledge resource on sound design and music production, with lots of illustrations and example sounds provided in each tutorial article.

Fantom YASE



Windows software designed to bring external sound libraries into Roland Fantom workstations and prepare them so that you can play the sound data straight away. It makes converting and editing of samples for your Fantom a pleasure because of it's convenience and quickness.

Fantom-G Drums

Fantom-G Drums (Sinevibes)


Complete collection of sounds for modern beat production: from kicks, snares, cymbals and percussion to ethnic drums, vocoder sounds, spectral effects, scratches and beyond. Contents: 410 original samples, 40 kits and 20 patches.

Fantom-G Organics

Fantom-G Organics (Sinevibes)


Multisampled instruments with unique detailing and organic, live character. Includes synths, basses, pads, atmospheric sounds, EP, bell and string sounds. Contents: 650 original samples, 60 multisampled instruments, 40 loops and chords, 100 patches.

Fantom-G Synth

Fantom-G Synth (Sinevibes)


Synths, leads, vintage monosynths, chords, acid, arpeggiated and motion sounds, lo-fi and 8-bit synths. Contents: 100 patches.

Fantom-G Atmospheres

Fantom-G Atmospheres (Sinevibes)


Pads, synth strings, ambient and morphing sounds, backgrounds, sound effects. Contents: 100 patches.

Fantom-G Bass

Fantom-G Bass (Sinevibes)


Synth basses, vintage analog and digital basses, lo-fi and sub basses, bassline and pulsating sounds. Contents: 100 patches.

Fantom-G DVD video manual

Fantom-G DVD video manual (ProAudioDVDs)


Video owner's manual.

Fantom-G Drawbars

Fantom-G Drawbars (Sinevibes)


Models of classic tonewheel and electric organs, with the Fantom-G sliders working as virtual drawbars. Contents: 8 organ models, 40 presets.

DIMM memory expansion

DIMM memory expansion (OEM PC World)


Memory module for expanding sample RAM on Roland sampling instruments. Type 168pin SDRAM DIMM, non-ECC, gold leads, unbuffered, 3.3 V. Available in 128, 256, 512 MB and 1 GB size.